Prize money cannot be for personal use. We will pay for specific goods and services (eg. marketing, stock, equipment) that will help your business grow and be more productive. As a winner, you will be able to give us quotations for what you need. Once approved, we will buy the goods and services for you up to the value of your prize.

Rising StarCategory winner: R100 000
Service Superstar Category winner: R100 000
TechnovatorCategory winner: R100 000
Social RevolutionaryCategory winner: R100 000
Zero to HeroCategory winner: R100 000
OVERALL WINNERAdditional R75 000 (to be added to the R100 000 prizer category winner)


In addition to cash prizes for the winner in each competition category, the top 20 entrants will be invited to participate in an exclusive business development support programme designed specifically for Sowetan entrepreneurs.

As a business star, you are no doubt aiming high in terms of your business goals and the City of Joburg wants to assist you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success. For this reason, it is funding the eight weeks of business support provided for the top 20 finalists. The support will include:
• Business training (four one-day business training seminars presented by experts in their field)
• Business mentorship (20 hours of mentoring per participant)
• Peer support (facilitated discussions so that entrepreneurs have a chance to share their experiences and challenges and learn from one another)
• Networking opportunities

1. By entering the Soweto Business Stars programme (“the programme”), the entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, regardless of whether the entry form is fully completed, signed or not.
2. Any entry which is found to be partially or fully incomplete, non-compliant with the Awards criteria, illegible or otherwise substantially deficient or ill-prepared; or which is submitted after the closing date and time, may be withdrawn from consideration, without notice and at the sole discretion of the organisers.
3. The entrant confirms that all information provided is true and accurate. Any entry containing false or misleading information may be withdrawn from consideration, without notice and at the sole discretion of the programme organisers.
4. The decision of the adjudicators and organisers with regard to eligibility, scoring and the allocation of awards shall be final.
5. Entrants are required to co-operate as far as reasonably possible with the organisers in respect of the provision and verification of information, and any failure to provide all reasonable co-operation may result in withdrawal from consideration.
6. Entry may only be made by means of the official entry form.
7. The entrant grants permission to the organisers of the programme to have their photograph taken and/or be filmed, without prior notice, during attendance at any programme meeting or event; and for any such photograph or film to be used without payment of any consideration in printed, on-line (internet), video or other promotional or programme-related communication, press release or article, without prior notice.
8. Cash prizes shall be utilised only for goods or services which will benefit the productivity, marketing or growth and development of the business. Winners will be required to submit their proposed purchases to the organisers with a motivation. The organisers will review the proposed purchases and quotations and if accepted, pay the suppliers directly, to the maximum value of the prize. Approval of goods and services shall be at the sole discretion of the organisers. Prize money may not be used for salaries, motor vehicle, entertainment or food and beverages.

9. The organisers reserve the right to change, without prior or any notice other than on the programme website, the dates, entry forms and requirements, adjudication process, criteria, categories and any other programme feature and process, in the interests of fairness, transparency, or where operational circumstances require such change.
10. Business ideas or existing businesses in the tobacco, firearms (excepting sporting use), alcohol, adult (sex) and gambling / wagering industries will not be considered for the competition.
11. In order to be eligible to enter this competition your business must be based in Soweto (or you must be intending to base your business in Soweto if you are entering the Rising Star category and not less than 50% of the stakeholding must be held by a Soweto resident.
12. A business which operates in Soweto, but is a franchise or subsidiary of a company whose primary operations are outside Soweto is not eligible to enter.
13. I confirm that any and all intellectual property which forms part of my/our business and my/our entry, is the property of the entering business and/or its owners and directors, or that any third-party intellectual property used in our business or entry is used with the permission of the owners thereof, and in this regard we indemnify the organisers and the The City of Joburg against any claim from any third party in relation to the unauthorised use of any intellectual property.
14. Payment of the prizes will only be made after the completion of the business support programme, and attendance at not less than 60% of the programme events and activities.